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    Online Tutoring

    With the advances in technology over the last several years, Online tutoring has grown in popularity. Years ago, the technology available wasn't up to par with the interactive nature of quality tutoring sessions. Internet speeds (remember dial-up?), and availability of Online platforms were lacking. Today, that has all changed. Now, students and tutors can interact face to face during an Online session, without leaving their own homes. Platforms like Zoom and Google Meet allow students and tutors to communicate in a manner that is very similar to in-person tutoring sessions. During a "traditional" tutoring session, a student can ask questions, review homework, study for tests, problem solve and collaborate. Using the available technology, tutors and students can interact in much the same way. Your student can share documents with his or her tutor, write, draw, upload and watch educational video clips, ask questions and get feedback from their Inspire tutor. It is said that about 95% of communication is non-verbal. Because virtual tutoring sessions utilize video chat technology, no aspect of communication is lost. Use of technology also comes second nature to today's students, as most students today grew up using computers, iPads, cell phones, etc. Ready to give Online tutoring a try? Many students are already familiar with Distance Learning. Virtual tutoring sessions work in much the same way, although our tutoring sessions are one on one. If your student is currently engaged in Distance Learning and needs help, Inspire can provide the additional support your student needs. Contact Inspire today to start learning, virtually.