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    The Inspire Story

    Inspire was founded in 2003, in Southern California, by Jenny Cleveland, a teacher and tutor who saw a need for quality tutoring services that could be provided in the comfort and convenience of students' homes. Originally known as Edvantage Education, the name was changed in 2009 to Inspire In-Home Tutoring. Inspire works both with clients who pay privately, and with students who are enrolled in public charter schools. During  the early part of 2020, California was placed under a "stay-home" order, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While for almost two decades, Inspire had provided 100% in-person tutoring in our students' homes, we now needed to find a way to continue to help our students - and fast! Immediately after the stay-home directive was issued, Inspire Tutors began working with students Online, using virtual platforms, such as Zoom. The transition, for us, was fairly easy, and allowed our students to continue to work with the tutor they had grown to know. Using virtual platforms, students are able to video-chat with their tutor, share documents, and utilize a virtual white board that mirrors the white boards used in traditional classrooms (and adjusted for screen-size, of course!) Fast-forward to 2021, when Inspire In-Home Tutoring became Inspire Learning. Nearly twenty years after its beginning, Inspire now proudly provides in-home tutoring in Nevada and Arizona, as well as Online tutoring nationwide.