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    What is tutoring?

    While it might seem obvious, it's important to have a good understanding of what tutoring is — and what it isn't. Most students attend classes during the day, whether in a traditional classroom, or at home, virtually. Whether attending a traditional public or private school, homeschooling, or "distance learning," every student could use some help now and then. Some subjects come easily to particular students, while they struggle with others. For example, many students have an aptitude for Language Arts, but struggle with Math and Science, and vice versa. On the other hand, some students just need general "homework help," or assistance keeping on top of their assignments. It's funny, we go to school to learn, but sometimes we don't actually learn how to learn! Study and organizational skills are huge parts of academic success, and they are skills that are needed throughout life, as well. A good tutor can help with homework, help their student learn important, life-long time-management skills, and develop good study skills. Tutoring can give a student the added confidence needed to ensure that he or she really is grasping the material (as opposed to just getting the work done), as well as the ability to be ready at test time. Many students also like to work with a tutor to preview upcoming topics, so when they start studying them in class, they are already familiar with them (this should only be done with teacher approval.)

    What tutoring is not

    Just as it's important to have an understanding of what tutoring is, it's just as important to have a good grasp on what it is not. A good tutor will never do the work for his or her student. This includes giving a student an answer after the student has struggled to find it on his own. Tutoring also is not a substitute for the classroom experience, whether it be a traditional classroom or a virtual one. If a student is home-schooled, for example, tutoring cannot take the place of that Math class. Tutoring is meant to be supplemental instruction. While your student may be struggling, it's important that the student have a full academic curriculum and do his or her best to try to learn the material, outside of the tutoring sessions. Sometimes, we come across a student who has just given up, deciding, "I'll just get a tutor." Getting help when you are having a hard time is important so things can start to improve sooner rather than later. It's just important to understand that tutoring is in addition to the academic curriculum, not in place of it.

    Any exceptions?

    Like many things in life, there is the "rule," — and then there is the exception. Most of our students are enrolled in some kind of academic program. However, Inspire also provides tutoring for students who are not enrolled in a class. Examples are adults who want to learn a language and prefer to work with a tutor instead of enrolling in a class, people who need to prepare for a standardized test, and occasionally even someone who just wants to learn a new skill for fun! Contact Inspire to discuss your unique situation.